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The Network

A new format of departmental research

BMVI Network of Experts is a new format of departmental research. Under the guiding theme of Knowledge – Ability – Action, seven departmental research facilities and executive agencies of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) formed a Network of Experts in 2016.

Their objective is to address urgent transport questions of the future through innovations in the areas of adapting to climate change, environmental protection and risk management. In doing so, the Network of Experts builds directly on the guiding principles of the Federal Government and its sustainability and high-tech strategy.


Our Topics

In Germany, infrastructure assets have a capital value of around 430 billion euro. The consideration of the transport performance makes the added value impressively clear. In addition to passenger services, goods traffic with its about 655 billion tonne-kilometres plays a key role. In order to secure the transport performance, investments are necessary. The Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 sets clear objectives and prioritizes the maintenance of transport infrastructure over expansion and new constructions. In total, 264 billion Euros are available from 2016 to 2013 and 69 percent are to be spent on maintaining infrastructure. The high investments are an expression for the importance of transport infrastructure for well-being and economic growth.

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